Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Impersonal Facet of Technology

It is very convenient and easy to create many jobs online these days, because whatever the task, you arrive at your destination, sometimes in a minute NY. However, it has become a very impersonal way of doing things. Of course, there are the social sites that you can "communicate" with other human beings and keep in touch with friends, but not the same world language, or interact with someone in person. Personally, there are situations where I'd rather not talk to anyone and just get the same thing, whatever it is, do quickly online and get on with things life.One which is more or less obsolete nowadays is becoming a job application or resume in person. When you call a company or business, is said to go on their website to apply for open position (s) online. Unfortunately, in my opinion, this way of looking at potential candidates does not allow many to ever be called for interview. Human resources or take responsibility for monitoring seem to have less and less time to read lengthy resumes or curriculum vitae, so those of us who are applying for positions that have no other choice but to reduce our list of experience and training, so that our curriculum does not end in some trash or deleted by some inbox. Changing a resume can be sensitive if not done correctly because the applicant can condense or eliminate potential too, it could actually cause more harm than good to seek employment. Doing this wrong can affect the ability to get really called for an interview. In the end, seems too short curriculum also can cost a potential candidate the opportunity to be hired. It's really a shame that, for reasons of convenience and saving time and money, a person can be an ideal candidate for a specific position, can not even be called for interview because your resume was not the case. One might think that incorporates most, if not "perfect," leading to the main aspects of the experience, knowledge and education to promote the interest of a potential employer want to know more about this person, who would have been done with an interview. In my opinion, this is not the case. Unless a curriculum more or less exactly what the employer is looking for new recruits, the applicant will not be a called.Writing 's resume is increasingly sensitive and critical all the time, and not really know what he is doing, will be even more difficult to have the opportunity to assume and are speeding and driving is.People more and more, making it less likely for the interaction and human communication, because who has time more?! Even text messaging is becoming increasingly popular in talking to someone on the phone. I fear that together are fast on our way to becoming a very impersonal society in which everything is done electronically or online.I 'concluded that I have a love-hate computers and other devices that we make life more comfortable and move quickly, but occasionally, for a brief moment of contemplation and reflection, I must be honest and say that I miss the "good old days" when we had to speak with one "For Bicker and other things to do. In other words, I miss the "personal touch", if someone is nice or not, and at least I know I'm not alone.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Generation Text: Raising Well-Adjusted Kids in an Age of Instant Everything Book Review

Modern parents are concerned about the impact of technology on their children. Youth and young children are spending more time and do not interact with humans, but with gadgets - cell phones, computers, video games and other devices. We have no reason to be concerned, and if so, how can we do to the setting of limits? In the book, text generation, Dr. Osita reveals how the combination of the interaction of high technology and instant gratification is to put our children at risk of distorted self-image, poor work ethic, a sense of law, and weakened social skills and aggressive tendencies. Parents owe their children to set limits on the use of devices for a long time, your child's physical, emotional and social health.Statistics show that children spend more than half of his playing time before screens. The effect of this is that boys are less tied to the family. Why should parents worry about it? 1. Deterioration of social skills - when the engine replaced at full speed the whole person to person too long, children easily learn the nuances essential for social skills. For example, texting eliminates many social problems that contain important lessons for children and adolescents learn.2. Changing values - attitudes and behaviors of children has decreased, because children have access to the modern world. The messages you receive are not always appropriate.3. Anonymity - the most brazen and get nervous when using technology. It is not always healthy for relationships.Dr. Osita regards access and excess in his book. Access refers to the easy availability of the world and others. Children can be from around the world in their bedrooms. Children can be exposed to ideas and concepts that are disturbing and can change their brain development. In the past, parents were trying to protect their children from these influences, until the more mature and could make better decisions. Is it more difficult than ever to make so.Excess - children living in the economically privileged in the world with too many privileges and possessions. Often there is a sense of entitlement to these things. What is acceptable and common for the age group is not always appropriate. Parents need to think about what is best for your child and family, not what the neighbors are GratificationToo other doing.Instant technology can lead to muscle weakness delayed gratification. As parents, we must help our children learn to delay gratification in order to allow them to be happy and healthy adults. Many parents are under way at sea in spending too much money, time and resources. Parents are involved in more frequent, fast world of guilt, because we say that yes, sometimes to compensate for lack of performance time.Studies that children - even teenagers - actually respect and admiration of their parents and want please them. I also spend more time with their parents. We must begin to create a better balance with our children and give them the gift of our attention has focused more gadgets.When used properly, technology can be an advantage. For example, shy children can use technology to improve their social skills. E 'can compensate for its weakness. What is needed is to set limits and boundaries with their children before giving your child the privilege of using technology as the Internet. Instruct them on what to do, for example, if you find online.Computers pornography should be kept in a public area of the house and the rules of use posted nearby. Parental controls are easy to implement and some of them are free from your ISP. Children should be trained to reach parents when encountering something inappropriate online. Encourage them to come to you, if what is happening and help them understand that they are angry, but I will speak. This is an opportunity for you to transmit your values to your kids.Dr. Osita suggests the elimination of distractions during the time of the family and a good example to turn off mobile phones during dinner and family outings. Model desired behavior. If a parent is dependent on your Blackberry, you can not criticize your child to be dependent on their portable game systems.

How to Connect SCSI to USB?

From PC connection cable have been restored and redefined w / the look of the USB or Universal Serial Bus. These days, almost all modern computers are equipped w / Universal Serial Bus Terminal. The buyers of new computers or the consumer should always be sure that the PC unit will have to buy the USB ports. Since almost all memory devices and cables must be connected to a computer can be capable of universal serial bus. Small Computer System Interface, or SCSI cabling systems arent obsolete yet, but most consumers prefer the types of Universal Serial Bus PC. His reputation not only of reasons, but behind the practice and different style. Recognizing this growing trend of users is very important if Universal Serial Bus under scrutiny before. Universal Serial Bus is a standard for end devices designed board. The system was designed and developed to use a single standardized interface socket. This interface device has been confirmed by a considerable boost the plug and display capabilities and features of the PC. Universal Serial Bus, as it became so popular that its use means no need to restart your PC to any connection and disconnection of child development that is welcomed by a large number of computer users. Universal Serial Bus has other interesting features and attract and features that make computer users prefer most. These features include giving power to devices with low power consumption and children, even w / out the need for an external power source. Universal Serial Bus also allows devices to be used by the PC, even w / out the need for driver installation individually. This characteristic is positive, because most users. These days, almost all PC peripheral using this technology. Mouse, keyboards, scanners, mice, joysticks, printers, PDAs and digital cameras arent terminals connectable via a Universal Serial Bus. Theyre the most preferred and more in demand these days on the market. For those still using old equipment technology Small Computer System Interface terminal will not have to worry about. To use the Universal Serial Bus technology, providing today's computers and the acquisition of a new unit is not the answer. Now you can connect SCSI to USB. How can this be done? This is an easy solution. Step 1: You buy a USB to SCSI cable that is available on the market. This will facilitate liaison between the SCSI and USB port more difficult. Step 2: Start the connection of the SCSI card for SCSI ports on the PC. The adapter is now the base terminal of arbitrating between the computer and peripherals. Step 3: Now you can begin to connect the first center of Universal Serial Bus on the sides or on the Panel. Its simple. With this, you will have the pleasure of the universal serial bus technology, even w / out units with new equipment.